Basics of Christianity

Come and find out why God has chosen you!  

If you've ever been interested in the teachings of the Christian faith, check out this class. The Bible is not just for a certain kind of person; it's for all people. Come study with us what God's Word tells you not only about Jesus, but also about yourself.

It's for anyone: 

  • Those who want to know what God says in his Word
  • Those who are interested in our congregation's beliefs or membership in our congregation
  • Current members who want to review the Bible's teachings and strengthen their faith

Current Classes

We do not currently have a class meeting. If you are interested, please contact the church at (608) 349-6776.

We will be studying the following topics:

  • God
  • Sin & Grace
  • Our Savior
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Baptism
  • The Lord's Supper (Holy Communion)
  • The Origin of the World
  • The Law
  • The Keys (Forgiveness)
  • The Holy Christian Church
  • Man and Woman
  • Assorted Topics (including: The Last Day, Prayer, Worship, and more)

For more information or to indicate interest, please contact Pastor Joel Voss.