Who We Are

Welcome to St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church!

We are a church of the Lutheran confession of the Christian faith serving Platteville and the surrounding neighborhoods.

You could say that St. Paul's is a grace-full church.  

No, we certainly aren't a "graceful" church. Full of sinners who find themselves asking "why do I keep sinning" (Romans 7:15-23), there's no way we can call ourselves "graceful." But our focus is on the one who saves us from all our sin, Jesus (Romans 7:24-25). He is the one who fills us with grace.  

We also call ourselves "grace-full" because we focus our worship services on God's grace, which he gives to us in his Word and Sacraments (Baptism and Holy Communion). Since God tells us that he saves us through these means (Romans 10:14-17), the focus of all our worship services and ministries is to be full of that grace.

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